Coconut Chips

Nutrition Facts Per 100g
Energy 653Kcal
Protein 66.5g
Total Fat 62g
Saturated fat 63.0g
Trans fat 0.0g
Sodium 19.0mg
Fiber 13.2g
Carbohydrate 5.5g
Iron 2.2mg
Calcuim 7.14mg
Potassium 580mg
Vatamin A 256µg

All natural, dried, unsweetened organic coconut chips with no additives. These organic coconut chips have a mild flavor and light, crisp texture that is perfect for your recipes. They are great for baking, cooking or anything that requires coconut.

  • The King coconut is a variety of coconut native to Sri Lanka.
  • Sweeter than regular coconuts.
  • King coconut water consists minerals like calcium.
  • King coconut also enrich with bio active enzymes.
  • It contains iron and phosphorus and some vitamin.